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Organic Chun Mee Green Tea


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Brand: One Natural

Chinese Chun Mee is sometimes known as ‘Precious Eyebrows Tea’. It’s an unfermented green tea, originally grown in Jiangxi province, but these days you can find it all over China. Chun Mee leaves are generally hand-rolled and pan-fried, which gives them their distinctive ‘eyebrow’ shape (not to mention a mouth-blasting astringency). The flavour is a little sharper than other green teas: bright, toasty and slightly tangy, with a lingering sweetness to round out the profile. Like all green tea, Chun Mee is packed with anti-aging properties, antioxidants and cancer-fighting polyphenols. Being unfermented, those vitamins stay locked inside the leaf. It’s the perfect after-dinner palate cleanser.

Packed in a Biodegradable Pouch!

Serving Suggestion: Add 1-2 teaspoons and brew in 90-95ºC water for 2 minutes. The tea should be a beautiful, clear yellow.

Storage: Store below 180C in a dry place, out of light.

Country of Origin

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

Dietary Guide

Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan


Certified Organic Chun Mee Green Tea.

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